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TJ Shah (Co-Founder)

is the lead Cinematographer, Editor, and Director at RAF. His obsession of film and photography has been evident since childhood. As a child in the early 90s, his first piece of video equipment included a 12 pound VHS camcorder and the family’s VCR player to edit footage. Though his talent has grown tremendously, his passion for film has always remained fierce.


Hardik Rajput (Co-Founder)

is a cinematographer, photographer, and graphic designer at RAF. He has an eye for film with a great attention to detail. He is always willing to do anything to get THE shot. Including the time he stood in near subzero temperatures for hours in Iceland to capture the perfect moment. His drive and talent is unparalleled. With an extensive background in IT, Hardik, has learned to blend the world of computers and film making to better tell our stories.


Pritesh Patel (CRM)

has always been a cinema and photography enthusiast. He was inspired to join RAF after seeing TJ and Hardik’s portfolio. His passion and thirst to learn the trade grew from there. His goal is to learn the art of film making and photography by working with the team. As a graduate of accounting he now holds close to a decade of experience working in big four firms. Pritesh is currently responsible for client relations and finance for the Rare Air Film’s Family.


Pooran Rajput (CMO)

has quickly assimilated himself within RAF due to his tremendous work ethic and growing knowledge of the industry. His endless drive within the company has nicknamed him the jack of all trades. Pooran came on board to lead our marketing efforts, but has quickly become the lead assistant in shooting and editing. Rare Air Films future is bright due to team members such as these.

"It is difficult to call it work when our obsession and passion for it is this high"