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Our Philosophy

Your day is all that matters.

Rare Air Films serves both private and corporate events. We also serve in marketing and advertising needs for large and small businesses alike. We are based in New York City and have filmed domestic and abroad like Iceland, Paris, Venice, Rome, Pompeii, Florence, India, and much more.

We would love to film your destination dream wedding. Contact us for further details.

We at Rare Air Films are obsessed with all things cinema. We are inspired by the blend of music and visual emotion. We believe each moment and event is different from the last. Unlike other cinematographers, we do not believe in cookie-cutter templates. Your vision and special day is unique and it should be captured as such. Our mission is to assist you in capturing your dream on film. That is why our team focuses on only one project at a time. We want to give our clients our full attention from start to end. We look forward to learning more about you and the beautiful story you want to tell.

What matters to us

The Shots

Each film is born with our unique style of cinematography meant to establish the scene’s atmosphere. Our deliberate and distinct shot selections pull our viewers into the moment while driving the emotions we felt while filming the scene. There is nothing we won’t do to get our shots. Whether it’s hanging a few inches off the ground on a moving motorcycle or standing in below zero temperatures for hours. We love to shoot, come see how much.

The Edit

We take enormous pride in creating each of our films as unique as our couples, their story, and their Wedding Day. Unlike other cinematographers, we are completely against cookie cutter templates. Our special couples and their wedding days are not identical, so why should their films be? Rare Air Films signature editing style is unlike any other – from the opening scene till the final credits. Our mission is to create a film that stands the test of time while being true to your story and your wedding day. Come see what stands us apart.

The Imagination

Our creativity and unparalleled passion is what truly sets us apart. Our creative and out of the box thinking is what drives our unique stories, shots, edits, and music selections. And if you were wondering, yes even our company name. You are not only looking to work with great cinematographers but also a team that is as passionate and excited about your day as you are. Use our creativity to your advantage. Come collaborate with us to create a truly special and memorable film.

The Communication

Communication is key and we understand that, whether it be with other vendors, the venue, and most importantly our couples. We take great pride in building strong relationships that stretch farther than just the wedding day. Come meet our team today.

The Investment

Investing in a wedding film is more than just financial. We at Rare Air Films understand that. We take your trust in us and the responsibility of documenting one of the most memorable days in your life very seriously. We will work tirelessly from pre to post in creating a beautiful wedding film that is emotionally captivating while being true to your story and your day. Contact us today to check availability and learn about our packages.

The Gear

Rare Air Films was created by two tech geeks that were always into a very expensive hobby. We take our gear seriously. As technology continues to grow at an exponential rate so does our list of equipment and knowledge to use it in the right situations. Whether it be cameras, lenses, stability, drones, or audio; we have you covered. Let us know if you have any special requests.